App Security and Privacy

Many people with a smartphone are generally more aware of the privacy (and, in conjunction, technological and personal security) they give up when installing certain known apps on their phones. News from major media outlets have increased their coverage in recent years over risky apps and services to use. It’s not all bad, though. Zoom …

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Migrating to Exchange Online – 401 Unauthorized Error Fix

This year, I’ve been seeing a lot more people and companies want to move to Microsoft 365 for email and other business cloud services. And for good reason: Microsoft has hit the ball out of the park with many of their cloud-based solutions. I’ve done a number of these migrations before, but recently, noticed something …

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Headphone Health

Apple’s new, upcoming iPhone operating system, iOS 14, continues to support built-in headphone audio level tracking. A helpful addition, however, is that it places an easy-to-reach setting in the Control Center. I’ve been using the Headphone Level tracking feature for about a year, and have already found it helpful. This would have been a very …

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