Migrating to Exchange Online – 401 Unauthorized Error Fix

This year, I’ve been seeing a lot more people and companies want to move to Microsoft 365 for email and other business cloud services. And for good reason: Microsoft has hit the ball out of the park with many of their cloud-based solutions. I’ve done a number of these migrations before, but recently, noticed something …

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Headphone Health

Apple’s new, upcoming iPhone operating system, iOS 14, continues to support built-in headphone audio level tracking. A helpful addition, however, is that it places an easy-to-reach setting in the Control Center. I’ve been using the Headphone Level tracking feature for about a year, and have already found it helpful. This would have been a very …

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IT Tips: Email Migration Tool

One of my favorite IT tools is, by far, Bit Titan’s MigrationWiz. MigrationWiz makes it pretty simple to transfer e-mails and other Exchange-enabled accounts from one service to another. This is extremely useful when moving email accounts to Microsoft 365 services. The standard cost is about $11.99 per mailbox before tax, and if you’re doing …

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