Trying New Technology: iPad Air 2020

Amongst all of the new technology that’s been released in the last year, one of Apple’s more recent classics has joined the family’s gadgets: a green iPad Air (2020) with the Magic Keyboard.

I’m not sure if everyone (including Apple) would agree, but I sense this is Apple’s replacement for the original MacBook. It’s a very lightweight device with a sharp, bright screen, and is everything I’ve come to enjoy about an iPad.

But for my use cases, the Magic Keyboard is what completes this device. This keyboard accessory from Apple has some serious advantages for someone like me that writes a lot of email, blog posts, and the like:

It’s comfortable. Typing on on this keyboard has a slightly heavier tactile sensation — more so than what I could expect, coming from a second-generation iPad Pro with Apple keyboard. It’s very enjoyable to type on, and I suspect it was designed with heavier typing in mind.

It has a touchpad built in. For connecting to computers and servers, this is a boon for me. While this isn’t my work device per se, I do studying and research on my iPad.

It connects to the iPad Air using a specialized connector on the back of the iPad instead of Bluetooth. This makes it considerably more secure, simple to use, and easier on the iPad’s battery. It’s also nice to have one less thing to have to charge.

And lastly, it has a built-in separate USB-C connector for attaching your iPhone or other device with a USB-C connector on the left side.

The iPad Air itself is fast, and practically guaranteed to get updates (security and the like) from Apple for a number of years. Our older family iPad Pro is over 4 years old and it still gets security and feature updates, putting it almost on par with this new iPad Air.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this device. And while it might not be as functional in some ways as a MacBook or Surface, it should work great for me.

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