IT Tips: Email Migration Tool

One of my favorite IT tools is, by far, Bit Titan’s MigrationWiz. MigrationWiz makes it pretty simple to transfer e-mails and other Exchange-enabled accounts from one service to another. This is extremely useful when moving email accounts to Microsoft 365 services.

The standard cost is about $11.99 per mailbox before tax, and if you’re doing a lot of these, especially in a busy environment, it’s worth its weight in gold. The migration can be done while end users are still able to read and reply to their emails, which minimizes downtime. And towards the end of the migration, you can run a final sync as a sort of catch-up before the e-mail hosting cut over.

There are many ways to migrate email from one provider to another, but my experience with this tool has been fantastic. And fantastic IT tools make for happy end users, which makes for happy IT staff.

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